Council Adopts 2018-28 Long Term Plan

Council Adopts 2018-28 Long Term Plan

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Striking the right balance between progress and affordability was the driving force behind South Taranaki District Councillors as they adopted their 2018 – 2028 Long Term Plan at today’s (27 June) council meeting.

For most South Taranaki ratepayers that means a rates increase of between 1.8% – 3.1% for the 2018/19 year.

South Taranaki Mayor, Ross Dunlop says the guiding vision behind the Plan is to make South Taranaki the most liveable District in New Zealand.

“We have identified a number of priorities to work towards achieving this aspirational vision, ranging from; building a new community facility in Manaia, developing a district digital strategy, expanding our district pathways programme, building a new library, culture, arts and information centre in Hawera, to investigating an industrial park development,” he says.

“Over the last ten years, the Council’s focus has been on upgrading our district’s water infrastructure and key community facilities. We are now in the enviable position of having completed many of the costly upgrades that a lot of Councils’ are still facing,” says Mayor Dunlop.

“Since our last Long Term Plan three years ago, we have progressed the Hawera Town Centre redevelopment, District Pathways Programme and Opunake Beach Masterplan. Our focus for the next ten years is to complete these key projects, maintain our current assets and core services and improve our wastewater infrastructure.”

“At the same time the Council is conscious of the need to keep rates affordable, so we are funding many of our key projects with existing reserves and earnings from the Council’s Long Term Investment Fund, rather than through rates,” says Dunlop.

“With a projected average rate increase of 3.08% per annum over the next ten years, we believe our Long Term Plan strikes the right balance between progress, providing the services and facilities our communities expect and affordability.”

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By the Numbers (over the next 10 years):

  • Projected Total Expenditure - $710m
  • Projected Total Revenue - $750m
  • Average total rates increase - 3.08% pa
  • Projected total debt - $132.7m* (as at 30 June 2028)
  • Projected value of Long Term Investment Fund - $163.5m* (as at 30 June 2028)

*(includes internal borrowings)

Key Projects

  • Design and build a new ‘community centre’ in Manaia.
  • Upgrade the Manaia Swimming Pool
  • Hawera Town Centre Redevelopment
  • New library, culture, arts and information centre
  • District Pathways Programme
  • Opunake Beach Management Plan
  • District Digital Strategy
  • Regional landfill
  • Feasibility study for Industrial/Business Park
  • Upgrades to water and wastewater reticulation networks
  • Wai-inu Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Chlorination of Patea, Waverley, Waverley Beach and Wai-inu water supplies
  • Find and develop a new water source for the (interconnected) Waimate West, Inaha and Kapuni water supplies.
  • New Waverley Water Treatment Plant and reservoir
  • Town Centre Strategies for Eltham, Manaia, Opunake, Patea and Waverley
  • Earthquake strengthen the Hunter Shaw Building in Patea and Kaponga LibraryPlus.
  • Waihi Beach toilets
  • Upgrade the Patea LibraryPlus

Community Funding and Grants

  • Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust $60,000
  • Hawera Cinema Trust $40,000
  • Taranaki Arts Festival Trust $35,000
  • Egmont A and P Association $20,000
  • STAGE Inc (Lysaght Watt Gallery) $15,000
  • Everybody’s Theatre $10,000
  • South Taranaki Neighbourhood Support Group granted $10,000
  • Paepae in the Park $7,500
  • Citizens Advice Bureau $6,960
  • Taranaki Garden Trust $6,000
  • Taranaki Enviroschools $5,000

    *The funding is per annum for 3 years