Incentives for Building Improvements

Incentives for Building Improvements

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The South Taranaki District Council has a proactive policy towards buildings in our towns’ central business district’s(CBD). 

While many buildings are maintained in good order others do not maintain their buildings to a reasonable standard. 

In some cases because of the state of disrepair; the buildings detract from the CBD retail setting.   The peeling paint, broken windows or other unattractive attributes can make our CBD’sa little less desirable place to transact business.

The STDC offers owners an incentive as a catalyst for the upgrade of building’s exteriors.

This is in the form of a subsidy for painting and minor repairs to buildings.

Many of the buildings painted under the scheme now look a million dollars.  One beautifully painted building is the old Bank of New Zealand Building Eltham, owned by Mark Bellringer and Barb Valentine.

The painting subsidies paid out over the last 18 months totals eight thousand dollars. Examples of buildings painted recently include, the Hawera Travel centre, II Chefs, High Street, Hawera, The Bank, Bridge Street, Eltham and the Kaponga Tavern. 

Currently there are a number of buildings with confirmed subsidies waiting for painting; they are located in Union Street Hawera, Wereroa Road Waverley and several in Bridge Street Eltham.

For more information on applying for the scheme; contact the South Taranaki District Council (06) 278 0555 or toll free 0800 111 323 or email