New Hawera Development to Start

New Hawera Development to Start

Friday, June 22, 2018

The new Countdown supermarket project is set to start next week (25 June).

At 3500m² the new supermarket will be around twice the size of the current building and the whole area will be re-oriented and re-designed to improve parking, traffic flows and pedestrian access.

The existing supermarket will remain open for business until the new one is finished, which is expected to take approximately 14 months.

As with any development of this size, there will be some disruption to things like carparking while the new supermarket is being built. To accommodate this, additional car parks have been created in the areas which used to be occupied by Carpet Court and the Towers buildings (see diagram). The old car sales yard on the corner of Victoria and Nelson Streets is also available.

As part of the larger Hawera town centre strategy Nelson Street (between Victoria and Union Streets) will also become one-way. This will provide for more parking for the supermarket and surrounding businesses and parking time limits will be extended from 60 to 120 minutes.

The new layout should also reduce speed and increase pedestrian safety and provide a “seamless look” between the supermarket carpark and the surrounding area.

While construction is taking place, temporary road markings and signage will be erected to reflect the new road layout and once the new supermarket is built Council will work with the developers to permanently reconfigure the parts of Nelson and Union Streets which will border it.