Warmer Homes made easier for South Taranaki

Warmer Homes made easier for South Taranaki

Friday, August 31, 2012

Creating a warmer home in South Taranaki just got easier with the introduction of a Council financing programme to support the Governments Warmer Homes Insulation Scheme.

The Government’s Warm Up New Zealand - Heat Smart Scheme provides funding for property owners to insulate their homes. The Scheme pays for up to 33% of the cost of insulation to a maximum of $1,300 and up to 60% of the cost for Community Service Card holders.

The South Taranaki District Council is supporting this Scheme by allowing home owners who want to take up the Government offer, but don’t have all the funds up front, to get financing from the Council for the rest of the money (up to a maximum of $2,600). This ‘loan’ would be paid back, with interest, over a period of up to nine years in the form of a targeted rate on that property.

South Taranaki Mayor, Ross Dunlop, says that there will be no cost to the ratepayer to implement this Scheme as all costs, such as interest and administration, will be recovered through the targeted rate. The interest charged will be around 7% although this is recalculated each year and there are conditions which must be met including that you are a South Taranaki district ratepayer, your rate payments are up to date and your home was built before 2000.

“I’m really excited that Council can provide the community with this simple service which will mean warmer, drier healthier homes,” says Mr Dunlop. “It’s really fantastic that we can do something that’s so easy, is cost neutral,  but will be of huge benefit for our citizens.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the scheme click here or contact the Council’s finance department on 0800 111 323.

Applications to the scheme will be open from Monday 3 September.