Youth to Work Awards

Youth to Work Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 South Taranaki Youth to Work Awards

The South Taranaki Youth to Work Awards are an annual celebration of young people and the employers and educators supporting them to achieve success.

This is a project of the South Taranaki Mayors Taskforce For Jobs.

Employers Award – Sponsored by Parininihi Ki Waitotara (PKW)

Winner - Ace Equipment + Engineering

Peter and Nikki at ACE Engineering always go the extra mile in supporting gateway students in their workplace, sharing their valuable knowledge, advice and support. They are very supportive towards young people in the industry and encourage them to set goals and achieve results.

2nd equal - Moller Johnson Motors

3rd place - Silver Fern Farms, Hawera

Nominated - Evergreen Plumbing Ltd, Hawera Welding Contractors, Norwood Farm Machinery Centre, Silver Fern Farms Waitotara, Waverley Sawmills

Education, Training and Work Experience Providers Award - Sponsored by Silver Fern Farms

Winner - Jim Baker, Taratahi

Jim Baker makes his farm available to students to develop their agricultural skills towards qualifications. He goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure students get the most out of the sessions. Jim is a big part of the community and is an important part of the lives of young people in Patea.

2nd place - Jason White, WITT

3rd place - Denise Holmes, HHS Gateway Co-ordinator

Nominated - Campbell Mason (Caffeinate Hawera), Feats, Holger Zabel (The Gelato Cafe), Keith ‘Dolly’ Ward (Opunake Auto Repairs), Laura Menzies (START Taranaki), Norwood Farm Machinery Centre, Opunake Primary School.


Young Achiever aged 16-19

Sponsored by Feats and Fonterra and supported by Outward Bound

Winner - Grayson Kira

Grayson is an outstanding apprentice who continues to demonstrate his commitment to becoming the best in the industry. He works long hours and weekends to get the job done and uses initiative in everything he does. He is also dedicated to his community as a volunteer in the fire brigade. We are proud to have him as part of our team.

2nd place - Katherine Moore

3rd place - Patrick Back

Nominated - Josh Devlin, Bailee Hazel, Katie McGregor, Margaret Moru-Mohi, Brooklyn Noble, Kayley Williamson, Brodie Wilson


Young Achiever aged 20-24

Sponsored by Feats and Fonterra and supported by Outward Bound

Winner - Christopher Udy

Chris completed the Panel beating qualification and earned the National Certificate in Business and ATech, MITOs highest qualification in the industry. Chris was recently nominated by MITO as one of the future business leaders. Chris is a well-rounded young person with great problem solving skills and a great asset to our team.

2nd place - Chris Oliver

3rd place - Jamie Fevre

Nominated - Cheval Graham, Jerome Grey, Kyle Hicks, John (JJ) Leef, Nathan Mead, Chris Oliver, Nick Vincent

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